Friday, April 15, 2011

A Place: The Universe

Hubble deep field image, greatest image ever took

I love the universe. If it were a sexy women, I would make tender sweet love to it. It's large, really large and grows larger every given second. It's empty, damn near completely empty. Matter makes up a small bit of what we consider space. Lastly, it's beautiful. Well, all that we can see of it, of course.

It's beautiful yet deadly. Heck, just starring at the sun all day results in eye damage and it's hundreds of thousands of miles away. Not only that but the sun is barely a threat to anything in the universe because it isn't even that large of a star.

The universe is scary and everything wants to kill you, have a nice day

Not to mention gamma ray bursts, stars exploding, cosmic radiation, meteors, comets, evil aliens invading and much more. But despite all that, I still love space.

Even with 99% of the odds against life, we still strive. I truly believe we were created by the universe, for the universe to look back on itself.

Speaking as a cosmic spectator, I am impressed, bravo my friend and god speed.

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  1. there is a picture in the internet where the small version ist 400mb ... taken by hubble thats impressive. good blog